Current Litters

We will have a puppy available from these litters sired by our boys.

Upcoming Litters

We will have a puppy available from these litters by our progeny.

  • Briza/Maverick – due 6/16/2024
    this breeding has been confirmed
    SpiritWind Shilohs, New Jersey
  • Ruby/Pazuzu – due 7/10/2024
    this breeding has been confirmed
    Starry Night Shilohs, Michigan

Our Progeny
Progeny Sired by Our Joey
  • Barath/Joey – b. December 14, 2019
    2 girl puppies; all plush
    Lothlorien’s Shilohs
  • Kiva/Joey – b. October 6, 2019
    8 puppies; 5 boys, 3 girls; all plush
    Brick Chapel Shilohs, Ohio
  • Chiara/Joey – b. November 18, 2016
    5 puppies; 2 boys, 2 girls; sable plush
    Cypress Coast Shilohs, California 
  • Maggie/Joey – b. September 27, 2016
    2 boys, 3 girls; all plush
    River Crest Shilohs, Paducah, Kentucky
  • Fuse/Joey – b. May 25, 2015
    7 puppies; 3 boys, 4 girls; sables & duals; all plush
    Flashpoint Shilohs, Kelso, Washington
  • Dana/Joey – b. May 19, 2015
    13 puppies; 6 boys, 7 girls; sables & duals; all plush
    Titanium Shilohs, Sherwood, Oregon
  • Fuse/Joey – b. October 17, 2014
    4 puppies; 2 boys, 2 girls; 2 sable, 1 bi-black/cream, 1 solid black
    Flashpoint Shilohs, Kelso, Washington
Progeny Sired by Our Boys
  • Gavia/Maverick b. 2/08/2024
    5 puppies; 4 boys, 1 girl; all plush
    Blue Ridge Mountain Shilohs, South Carolina
  • Katja/Maverick b. 12/18/2023
    8 puppies; 4 boys, 4 girls; all plush
    Far Field Shilohs, North Carolina
  • Finlay/Barrett  b. 8/1/2023
    8 puppies; 6 boys, 2 girls; all plush
    NewMoon Shilohs, Pennsylvania
  • Maggie/Maverick b. 5/20/2022
    1 boy, 2 girls; all plush
    Brick Chapel Shilohs, Alabama
Progeny by Our Co-Owned Girls


River Crest’s Silver Eagle Spirit aka Talon (Maggie/Joey 2015)
2016-talonWhen we lost our beloved first Shiloh, Stella, we knew it would not be long before we brought another Shiloh into our life. With our original breeder’s help and some online research, we discovered River Crest Shilohs. 

Working with Terrie and Bob has been wonderful. The care and love that they both have for their dogs showed us that we would be getting a loving and well-socialized pup. Because we were five hours away, we decided to stay overnight for “puppy pick-up” day. What a great experience — we were able to meet their entire pack, meet our new pup (along with his bothers and sisters) and spend the afternoon with Terrie and Bob. As an added bonus, we got to take Maggie, Joey, Delta and Talley for a walk around their Paducah neighborhood.

The next day, it was both sad and sweet for Terrie and Bob to see the first pup leave for his forever home. We are so grateful for the attention and love they give their pups. We appreciate their continued support and interest in Talon’s development. As Talon has grown into a handsome and lovable boy, we have seen the results of his first happy eight weeks of life at River Crest. He is very friendly with people and other dogs and is gentle with small children. He gets compliments everywhere he goes. Talon is very smart and loves his Jolly ball just like his mom, Maggie.

Thank you, Terrie and Bob, for our special pup. We are blessed to be a part of the River Crest family.

Karen Webster & Paul Foretich, Jasper, GA