Joey’s journey takes us to his backyard where he gets bathed and blown dry using hot water from his Outback camper and goat dryer. He loves the attention and is getting ready for the autograph party Saturday night at the Lions Club celebrity event. Stay tuned. On another note with looming frost its time for the annual housplant move to indoors. This might not seem like much until you see the SIZE of our plants including a Ficus Benjamini of 35 years growing. Every room must be stripped of all furniture, pictures etc. in order to get this 12′ tall 18′ wide and 14′ deep tree into the living room and adorned with a GIANT Staghorn fern. Joey can’t wait to cut some zzz’s under his new forrest residing in his home……..Yeah Mr Bob we have the outdoors now indoors as well……..we love you 🙂