Joey”s journey takes us to the Annual Lions Club/WPSD Local 6 Telethon of Stars celebrity autograph party at Walker Hall in Paducah Kentucky. The event benefits four centers in three states that deal with disabled children and adults. Joey was a big hit when he took the stage and introduced himself with a dazzling display of tricks and barks on command. The cameras were flashing and the cheers were deafening as Joey commenced to swagger through the tightly packed hall where he handed out his own autograph cards and showered affection on all the loving people. It was a very emotional event to have so many people enjoy petting Joey and have their pictures made hugging him. I was getting his leftover attention and I can tell you that a barge could have floated in the river of joyful tears. At one point we were kindly asked to move because of the gridlock he created around the stage. Two hours and thousands of pictures and hugs was enough for my canine friend and I so we exited in exhaustion for a huge gulp of water and a late afternoon nap. I have been blessed with an extraordinary friend that brings so much joy to strangers and especially me. 🙂 If we were more like our dogs we’d never have to go to church.

7 thoughts on “Telethon”

  1. How wonderful! The partnership with your dog is so special and sharing Joey’s sweet dear ways with others is a blessing!

  2. So cool Joey and Bob ya’ll are just awesome, where were Terri and Maggie during all the excitment?

  3. WOOOOHOOOO! Joey! That is my boy, I am so proud of you and your humans. Keep up the great therapy work!!

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